Axalta Reveals Irus Mix Fully Automated Mixing Machine

Axalta has launched the Irus Mix, a fast and efficient fully automated mixing machine for the automotive refinish industry. According to Axalta, the system delivers highly accurate colour and works with Axalta’s “innovative packaging”, maximising profitability and providing sustainable benefits to help refinish customers meet or exceed key business and sustainability goals.

“At Axalta, innovation is central to our business,” said Troy Weaver, Senior Vice President Global Refinish. “We constantly look for ways to help our customers to do business better, enabling them to work as efficiently as possible and to maximise their profitability. When we launched our digital end-to-end colour management process, Axalta Irus, we knew what the future held for the industry. Today, we are delivering technology so customers can automate and mix colour like never before.”

Introduced at an event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Axalta says the Irus Mix completes the simple three-step Axalta Irus digital colour management process of Scan – Find – Mix. As part of an exclusive partnership with SANTINT, a leading global equipment manufacturer, Axalta says it drove the concept, development, design, and construction of the Irus Mix.

According to the company, the Irus Mix provides four key benefits:

  • Time advantage: Axalta says the Irus Mix is a fast and efficient fully automated mixing machine. Based on the company’s trials, refinish customers can eliminate mixing time labour with the machine.
  • Labour optimisation: The Irus Mix is described as “very simple” to use and does not have to be operated by a technician. The process allows refinishers to do other key tasks while the paint is being mixed.
  • Waste reduction benefits: Designed to work with Axalta’s bottle system, the company says there is no need to refill or decant product into special bottles. Additionally, bottles are fitted with precise dosing lids, delivering accurate colour without waste.
  • Sustainability: Axalta’s bottle system is made from 50 per cent recycled plastic, with the company declaring it as underscoring its ongoing commitment to sustainability. Axalta’s premium basecoats – Standox Standoblue, Spies Hecker Permahyd Hi-TEC, and Cromax Pro – are available in these bottles exclusively with the Irus Mix.

Axalta’s Irus Mix will begin its rollout across Europe in June, with other regions to follow later.


Australia: Steven Brett, Managing Director of Axalta Australia, said that he anticipates seeing the Axalta Irus Mix later in the year, adding that an announcement regarding the local rollout will be made closer to the launch date. However, Brett stressed that the first two steps of the Axalta Irus digital colour management process, Scan and Find, are already available in Australia & New Zealand, with the Irus Mix coming soon as the final part.

Gulf: An Axalta spokesman said that Irus Mix is expected to come to the Middle East early next year.