Axalta Partners With Volgren Buses In Australia

Axalta has announced a new partnership in Australia with Volgren, a leading bus manufacturer owned by Brazilian company Marcopolo S.A.

Axalta recently signed an agreement to be the sole supplier of coatings to Volgren for both newly manufactured buses and for the repair of existing ones. The partnership consists of an all-inclusive training and support package, as well as an extensive trial period to assess product performance.

“Having been with one paint company for the past 20 years, we did not make the decision to change easily,” said Michael Healy, Volgren Supply Chain Manager. “For the first three months we put Axalta’s products and back-up service through intense testing and were very pleased with the professionalism, commitment and quality that Axalta delivered. I’m 100 per cent confident that the change we made will ensure Volgren buses continue to lead the market for many years to come.”

As well as developing customised product solutions using the Imron Fleet Line range, Axalta said it demonstrated paint application techniques that could assist in improving cycle times in the coating application. This was supported by comprehensive on-site training and repair process documentation.

“As a market leader in Australia, Volgren needed a coatings partner to work with them through all levels of the business,” said Steven Brett, Axalta’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand. “With the introduction of new products, new processes and improved quality control across all Volgren locations, we demonstrated that Axalta could meet Volgren’s requirements.”