Axalta Launches Syrox, A New Refinish Brand

Axalta has launched Syrox, the latest brand in its refinish portfolio. Designed with new European formulations specifically for the mainstream aftermarket segment, Syrox is a complete and compact refinish paint system, including a waterborne basecoat, developed for passenger car repairs.

The Syrox refinish system provides a cost-effective alternative to premium product offerings. With a compact yet complete portfolio of paint products, Syrox is easy to use and to apply. New users will find the application technique of single coats with intermediate flash-off times reassuringly familiar. Coverage can be achieved in two coats plus one effect coat. What sets Syrox apart, in addition to its complete and compact system, is its exceptional colour matching, thanks to Axalta’s established and proven spectrophotometer technology and substantial global database of colour formulas. Together, these two tools give Syrox users an advantage in the body shop, helping to deliver, fast, easy and accurate colour-matching quality.

Syrox packaging is a first for the refinish industry. The design of the plastic basecoat bottles incorporates a special dosing lid that is designed to allow for extraordinarily accurate pouring, even down to a single drop of paint. The level indicator window on the side of the bottles lets users see when contents are getting low, and the flat-topped bottle caps that cover the dosing lids enable the bottles to stand and to be stored upside down so every drop of product can be used. The bottles come in convenient smaller volume sizes and only need a shake before use.

“The innovations that Syrox offers its users reflect what we’ve heard from our customers,” says Matthias Schönberg, Vice President of Axalta and President for Axalta’s Europe, Middle East and Africa region. “We identified a demand for a straight-forward, conventionally-applied refinish system that is economical to use and delivers accurate colour matches. The result is Syrox, which promises no compromises on colour or on quality. A complete all-rounder, Syrox is a refinish paint system that is suitable for body shops of any size that must comply with national or regional legislation on emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds, and those who are not reliant on OEM approvals.”

Syrox is the result of Axalta’s approach to research and development, a wholly new brand formulated to fulfil specific demands of customers. Syrox is manufactured in Europe, and will be launched in selected VOC-compliant markets in that region, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, China and other parts of Asia, throughout 2016.