Axalta Launches Spies Hecker App In Australia For Refinishers

Axalta Launches Spies Hecker App In Australia For Refinishers

Axalta brand Spies Hecker has launched the Spies Hecker GO mobile app in Australia for iOS and Android devices. According to Axalta, the new app provides simple and quick access to product information, technical and safety data sheets, and best practice training videos for Spies Hecker customers in Australia and New Zealand.

“We’re excited to introduce our innovative Spies Hecker GO app to our customers and other end users,” said Steven Brett, Managing Director of Axalta in Australia and New Zealand. “It provides a modern, easy-to-use digital experience. This new app allows customers to simply and quickly locate detailed product information, which will assist them in selecting and capitalising on the value of Spies Hecker’s best-in-class products.”

Axalta says the app is divided into topics and resources designed to make life easier and more efficient for users in body shops in Australia by providing quick and easy access to essential information. Topics include data sheets, colour retrieval, recent news, and a distributor locator.

Two features, a barcode scanner and humidity indicator in the weather section, were particularly well received by customers during the app’s trial period. The barcode scanner allows easy access to technical data sheets by using the app in conjunction with the device’s camera. The user can scan the product barcode on the side of the can to retrieve application data such as mixing ratios, spray gun settings, and the number of coats required. The humidity indicator gives users the ability to check local humidity and adapt paint application to the specific humidity conditions.

“This new app is a step forward in showcasing the innovative, digital capabilities of Axalta and is just the beginning of what we can provide to the market,” said Brett. “We are very excited to offer this streamlined experience to our customers.”

The Spies Hecker GO app is available free for iOS devices in the Apple App Store and Android devices in the Google Play Store.