Axalta Launches Planning Course For Productivity And Efficiencies In ANZ

Axalta Coatings Systems is now offering an I-CAR® approved Repair Planning Course designed to enable estimators and repair planners to write a thorough damage estimate. The Repair Planning course from Axalta Services, will enable participating customers to walk away with an in-depth understanding of how to improve bodyshop front end processes that will not only help to improve business efficiencies and productivity but will ultimately translate into happier car owners and insurance partners.

Gone are the days when you could visually inspect a car and give a rough estimate of the damage and it would be close to the mark. Today, vehicles are highly sophisticated in design and electronics, substrates are more complex, as are the coatings and repair processes needed to get the car looking as good as it did when it left the factory. It is therefore imperative to provide a detailed analysis of the vehicle’s damage and accompanying documentation to avoid encountering cost and time crippling stoppages and, if applicable, reactive supplements.

The Repair Planning course (also known as Blue Printing) will show bodyshops how to do this effectively by helping them think through the repair not the damage. Aiming to review ALL the facts of the accident, bodyshop technicians will be able to identify the areas that need focus, with a full 100 per cent tear down of the damage area. This ensures all damage is highlighted, assessed and well documented and the repair methods comply with OEM procedures.

The course highlights these simple steps to allow bodyshop team members and insurance partners to have a clear understanding of the actual damage and what needs to be done before the job is even started. Not only will they be shown how to deliver a complete estimate of the damage but there will be no surprises during the repair process. Say goodbye to wasted technician time, increased estimator workload, excessive written supplements and production inefficiencies. And of course, the dreaded last minute missing part problem.

“It is not about how long a technician is working on the job, it’s the number of times that the job stops due to unforeseen damage or missing parts that plays a critical role in the final costing of the job,” explained Robin Taylor, Axalta Services Manager. “The Repair Planning Course will show the technician how to conduct a meticulous tear down, making sure everything needed to make a job run smoothly is there from the start. Cars will be processed faster, leading to productivity increases that translate into great profitability for the bodyshop. It is a win-win for the bodyshop, their insurance partner and of course the car owner.”

The 2018 dates for Axalta’s Repair Planning course are as follows:

  • Queensland – 11 April
  • South Australia – 17 April
  • Western Australia – 9 May
  • Victoria – 23 May
  • New South Wales – 30 May

Axalta’s Training Alliance with I-CAR means that upon completion of the Repair Planning course you will be awarded credit hours that can be applied towards I-CAR Gold Class Professionals, Platinum Individual designations, or be used to meet role‑relevant annual training requirements.

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