Axalta Introduces Acquire Color Compact Spectrophotometer

Axalta has introduced the Acquire Color Compact spectrophotometer in markets across the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, China, India, South Korea and Southeast Asia. According to Axalta, the spectrophotometer is a state-of-the-art, lightweight device that is easy to use, cost effective and helps body shops create more accurate and faster colour matches.

Axalta says the Acquire Color Compact captures the exact colour of a vehicle and transmits the information to Axalta’s colour retrieval software, Axalta Color Cloud. Using enhanced digital connectivity, the Acquire Color Compact provides high-speed access to more than 200,000 current colour formulas, ensuring accurate colour matches. More precise than ever, the spectrophotometer measures three angles and is capable of quickly and accurately measuring solid colours as well as colour effects such as sparkle.

“A powerful demonstration of Axalta’s commitment to total customer support, our next-generation spectrophotometer benefits from the power of all the digital platforms. We couldn’t be more excited about customers in Asia Pacific getting to try the Acquire Color Compact soon,” said Simon Lee, APAC Refinish Business Director, Axalta.

According to Axalta, the robust Acquire Color Compact features a high-resolution screen that provides clear instructions on usage, allowing users to take advantage of multi-faceted features that make colour identification and matching more efficient and reliable.

The Acquire Color Compact works with all Axalta refinish brands, including Standox, Spies Hecker and Cromax.