Axalta Announces 2022 Global Automotive Colour Of The Year

Axalta has announced Royal Magenta as its Global Automotive Colour of the Year 2022. The company said Royal Magenta is a deep cherry colour that brings a “luxurious finish” to the market.  

“The robust design has a majestic dark finish engrained with merlot and garnet hues. The colour appears berry red in sunlight yet reveals a dark, mysterious look in the midnight hours,” Axalta said.

According to Axalta, the colour is formulated for all vehicle types and “enriches the mobility palette with alluring colour”. With burgundy, violet and cherry-like hues becoming more fashionable in the market, Royal Magenta also ties into global colour trends that convey elegance with an “indulgent and festive colour offering”. Axalta said the premium colour also creates “an opulent finish appearing lush, with faceted jewel accents.”

Hadi Awada, Senior Vice President Global Mobility Coatings at Axalta, said Royal Magenta was optimised for future mobility.

“With innovative mobility-sensing and environmentally-optimised waterborne technologies, we’re helping the mobility industry transition toward increasingly sustainable solutions, electric vehicles and autonomous driving,” Awada said.

Nancy Lockhart, Global Product Manager of Colour at Axalta, said the company designed a complex-looking colour that can be applied in a simplified manner.

“The design process began by tinting waterborne paints with various layering systems to provide depth and colour. With sustainability in mind, the end colour was achieved with a conventional basecoat-clearcoat layering. It’s as easy on the eyes as it is to apply,” Lockhart said.