Axalta Adopts Smart Glasses To Remotely Support Customers

Axalta is providing remote technical support to customers in Australia and New Zealand via innovative smart glasses in conjunction with a digital communications platform.

Using extended reality (XR), repair technicians save time by operating the smart glasses to access the most up-to-date repair procedures and training videos, all within their field of vision. This solution also allows technicians to call and collaborate with Axalta technical experts in real-time at the vehicle.

Axalta said the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need to identify different ways of supporting local customers remotely and deliver better operational efficiency. The introduction of this new technology is the first step in providing a solution for remote technical paint-related support and extends to include IT and colour connectivity.

Several Australian repair facilities are already using the smart glasses. North West Smash Repairs, located in the Broome suburb of Bilingurr, adopted the technology after recently installing a Cromax paint system and is being supported remotely by Axalta representatives in Perth.

Axalta plans to expand the number of shops using the technology, which will encompass refinish training programmes and other business support for body shop owners.

“COVID-19 has challenged us to re-examine the services we offer,” said Steven Brett, Managing Director of Australia and New Zealand at Axalta. “We continue to support our customers, but under new and often challenging circumstances. This latest initiative allows us to provide advanced support solutions to our customers in regional and remote areas.”

Axalta said the smart glasses solution provides an easy-to-use and comfortable digital experience. A repair technician can readily share live video and audio by using a digital communications platform in conjunction with the glasses and its built-in camera. This allows the remote expert to zoom in and out on the repair area, discuss the appropriate steps to take, and add instructional diagrams or text. The expert can also share video, process charts or instructions that can be seen by the repair technician through the viewer.

According to Axalta, the smart glasses headset is designed for long periods of use, is voice activated and durably built for real-life work environments.