Autopromotec Futurmotive Comes To An End

Autopromotec Futurmotive Comes To An End

The Autopromotec Futurmotive Digital Expo and Conference has wrapped up, and the organisers have revealed they will run a “hybrid” event for the automotive aftermarket in May 2021.

The Autopromotec Futurmotive event, run entirely on a virtual platform, was attended by thousands of visitors tuning into the livestreamed talk sessions delivered by many company representatives, international experts in the sector, university lecturers and trade associations, while visiting the virtual booths of the 50 exhibiting companies.

During the event, which was held online on 10 December, the speakers debated issues related to smart mobility and the application of new technologies in the field of components, the digitisation of service and maintenance networks, the eco-sustainability of the sector, the development of new global supply chain models and post-pandemic economic scenarios.

In the mind of the organisers, Futurmotive was the ideal place to “create a new ‘toolbox’ for the aftermarket sector, so as to provide companies with the innovative tools necessary to cope with the ongoing technological transformation of the sector”.

During the course of the day, in addition to the talk sessions delivered by managers and analysts, a number of presentations by institutional representatives also took place. The topics addressed concerned areas such as employment, education and professional training. In particular, organisers say the measures and tools that both government and regions are preparing with the goal of relaunching the automotive sector and its supply chain drew everyone’s attention: economic incentives for companies, regulations to encourage youth employment, professional re-qualifying courses and a pact between trade unions and the industrial world to promote work opportunities and protect the climate.

“Futurmotive was a gamble, but one that we intend to take again in the future. In fact, the event scheduled for May 2021, is a solution planned to be something between a digital and a physical event,” said Renzo Servadei, CEO of Autopromotec.

“Today, given the predicaments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our sector must exploit all the tools that technology makes available to promote networking and interaction between different sectors in order to spread knowledge, strengthen existing business relationships and build new ones. History teaches us that a great crisis is almost always followed by a great recovery and the topics discussed during the past edition of Futurmotive give us the courage, confidence and hope to believe that 2021 and 2022 will be booming years for the automotive sector.

“The key areas to start from in rebuilding our future are training, i.e. refining the skills and professional qualities of young men and women; information, to keep abreast of the changes taking place; and equipment, i.e. having the high-tech tools necessary to cope with a greener and more sustainable future. Futurmotive, therefore, represents the first step on a path towards the great physical trade show scheduled for May 2022.”

UPDATE 22 Dec 9 PM AEDT: The Futurmotive sessions are now available to view here.