AutoPro Indonesia 2017

Automotive modification professionals will certainly be familiar with the SEMA Show which takes place in Las Vegas USA. The annual SPECIALITY EQUIPMENT MARKET ASSOCIATION (SEMA) Show is the most anticipated event in the aftermarket industry in the United States (US), and is at the centre of the world’s components and modification sector.

Indonesia with its progressive automotive growth, has also shown great potential in its auto aftermarket and tuning industry. Similar to the SEMA Show in the United States, Autopro Indonesia also aims to become one of the most awaited auto aftermarket and tuning event in South East Asia.

Tarsus Plc and Nine Events have joint their forces to organize the upcoming Autopro Indonesia on 23-25 February 2017 in Hall A-B, Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), Indonesia. The 3-day trade exhibition in the auto aftermarket, modification and tuning sector will bring together all the major players of this industry, to collaborate and provide insight about the most up to date and innovative technologies and products. Autopro Indonesia will be supported by more than 100 brands from Indonesia, UK, Hungary, Australia, China, and Taiwan who will showcase their most innovative products/services.

“In addition, Autopro also has a list of 6,000+ potential buyers from Indonesia and around the world. Autopro is expected to help grow the Indonesian auto aftermarket industry and modification sector to a higher level, if the American market has SEMA, then the ASEAN and Australian market will have Autopro Indonesia” said Lia Indriasari (President Director of Nine Events, organizer of Autopro Indonesia).

AutoPro attracts the Leading Brands

Various brands from the world’s leading auto aftermarket sectors, ranging from tires, films, audio system, lights, upholstery, anti-rust, lubricants and more, have confirmed their participation at Autopro Indonesia 2017. Leading brands such as 3M, GT Radial, Pioneer, V-Kool, Venom, Cronos Leatherette, Achilles, Accelera, Llumar, Toyo Tyres, Autovision, Protera, Evalube, STP, Turtle Wax, Wincos, Proxima, Alcantara, Hunter, Corghi, Ziebart and many more, will present their latest technologies and most innovative technologies.

“By supporting and participating in this event, we believe we will meet with the right buyer not only within Indonesia, but also from Southeast Asia and Australia. We believe Autopro will thrive in the future,” said Ronny Alexander of Venom.

Autopro Indonesia 2017 will collaborate with the National Modificator & Aftermarket Association (NMAA), to help raise awareness of the Indonesian aftermarket/modification industry, so that it will be recognized by the International market. Currently the Indonesian auto aftermarket industry is growing, and both aftermarket and modification sectors will continue to rapidly raise its profile and AutoPro will provide the perfect platform.

“The Indonesian auto aftermarket and modification sectors have tremendous potential through Autopro. All the pillars will be working together on this event, from the sole agents, modifiers and aftermarket brands who will stand hand in hand and deliver something new for Indonesia’s automotive industry,” said Andre Mulyadi, Founder of NMAA Indonesia.

Autopro Indonesia is the Right Event to Boost Your Business!

Autopro is the correct platform for expanding business networks in the international aftermarket sector. By targeting ASEAN and Australian markets, this event will help drive the industry professional’s business growth.

Michael Hodge, the International Project Manager of Tarsus Group Plc, ensures that Autopro Indonesia will have all the elements to improve the business of auto aftermarket industry professionals, “Autopro Indonesia 2017 is an event not to be missed! After extensive research we realised the need for an event like AutoPro to help cater for aftermarket professionals looking to grow their network into other regions of SE Asia and Australia. No other event in the ASEAN attracts the kind of innovation and leading brands like AutoPro has, and we truly believe we are on to something big and special. From top brands, thought leaders and pure innovation, AutoPro will bring something new to this growing market.”

In this event, the media will also get the chance to meet directly with key players in the aftermarket parts industry and national and international modification specialists. For more information on Autopro Indonesia, please visit