Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Introduces AMS Live

Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Introduces AMS Live

Automechanika Shanghai says it is tackling global sourcing needs for the automotive industry in 2020 with the launch of AMS Live, a new integrated platform that “looks beyond the geographical boundaries of on-site and online participation”. The value-added service will be available from 30 November to 6 December 2020, which will run alongside the physical show itself.

Automechanika Shanghai will be one of the few large-scale automotive trade shows running on schedule rather than being delayed or cancelled. Taking place from 2 to 5 December 2020, organisers say over 5000 exhibitors will continue to display their latest products and services across 300,000 square metres of space at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China. Show staff believe that buyers around the world are relying on the fair to inform their next purchasing decisions, capture the latest market information and find the latest solutions that have come into fruition as a response to COVID-19, and these business needs will make the final exhibition on the circuit even more valuable for next year’s industry development.

With this in mind, the show is transforming its web-based tools to meet market demand so that the show not only takes place on-site, but also simultaneously in a virtual setting. Organisers say that their latest innovation, AMS Live, aims to unlock imperative knowledge-based sharing and collaborative opportunities along the supply chain that empower remote participants to become a part of the show.

“By creating a digitally hybrid event, AMS Live is a lifeline for overseas visitors who cannot physically attend the show,” said Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager at Messe Frankfurt (HK). “Exhibitors at the exhibition ground can still take advantage of in-person interactions, as well as engage with global stakeholders online, whether it be for business exchange, marketing, trade or education. After all, it is the synergy of auto players that allows businesses, as well as the fair itself, to thrive.”

Networking opportunities using live chat, video calls and more

New and long-time buyers tuning in electronically can network and connect in real-time with exhibitors through one-to-one online meetings, business matchmaking, chat rooms, live comments during streamed programmes and more. These functions allow buyers to discuss and learn about potential suppliers.

Create enquiries to match with the right exhibitors

When buyers launch product or service queries, the platform will automatically match potential suppliers. Interested exhibitors can start a conversation to discuss further business opportunities.

Get involved with live-streamed on-site activities

Whether there are conferences, in-depth interviews with industry leaders, live demonstrations or performances, online participants can engage with onsite activities through the three live channels:

  • Auto Discovery Channel: Presenting key conferences and training sessions;
  • Interactive and Entertainment Channel: Where online participants can partake in onsite interviews and tours, as well as watch the Motorsport & High Performance Event and other entertainment; and,
  • Exhibitor Live Channel: Featuring a collection of exhibitor events ranging from product presentations, pitches, launches and more.

Tools to help plan a physical and virtual visit efficiently

AMS Live allows users to re-watch conferences on demand, as well as record noteworthy products and exhibitors for future reference. On top of this, the personal online calendar can help manage meetings and has a built-in notification function for appointments.

Show planners say that the fundamental idea to offer a platform like AMS Live during Automechanika Shanghai 2020 is to replicate “curial” face-to-face interactions and on-site exchanges by utilising digital services while the market continues to bounce back. The interactive nature of the new hybrid event will therefore continue to bring overseas participants to exhibition goers along the supply chain, in addition to industry associations, government bodies, media and research institutes across every corner of the automotive ecosystem.

Automechanika Shanghai will become one of the first exhibitions in Automechanika’s portfolio to present this type of digital stage, and organisers say that this is in line with Automechanika’s long term roadmap of delivering and developing a sustainable event, as well as in response to heightened demand for “more online exhibition services that add value to overall event experience”.

Mindful of the COVID-19 outbreak, organisers are also working with local authorities to ensure appropriate safety parameters are upheld, safeguarding the health and safety of all stakeholders so that the show remains a secure platform for business.

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