Autoliner’s V Mini Repair Bench

No matter how many brands of a given product are on the market new and better designs come along, and the latest in collision repair is the new Autoliner V Mini Repair Bench.
Repair benches are now almost universal. There are a number of quality manufacturers, with good names and developed features, so where does this new brand expect to fit and why does it deserve consideration?
It probably comes down to price and, most additionally, quality. This new bench is priced at a bargain $14,950 plus GST, and comes with a five-year warranty.
Autoliner proprietor Terry Dickey was upfront in explaining that it is manufactured in China, but he has spent two years ensuring it had the same quality features as the European brands and the right level of manufacturing value.
It is packed with features and accessories as standard, including quality Enerpac hydraulics (10 ton), pulling tower, remote hand unit, dual safety locking system, low profile driveover contour (120mm), great 1.6 metre bench height, good car-to-bench clearance, quality steel and a five-year warranty on the bench and tower and one year on the hydraulics.
“Today’s vehicles are more compact and accidents smaller,” said Autoliner’s David Slater. “The new V Bench can be used every day as a quick lift. When a pull is required simply attach the adjustable sill clamps and pulling tower to complete the repair. Because of the good car-to-bench clearance, in some cases you will be able to use your existing measuring system.”
Standard accessories include angle bit, mini and Dyna-Mo C clamps, Lip Grip bracket, Handy Link, sill hook, boltless strut tower puller, two double claw hooks, grab hook and single claw, nylon sling, S hook with chain, two chains and bent hooks, safety sling, wire rope, Jumbo Deep Hook set, universal chain, four bench lift arms and pads, mobile tool board, magnetic trammel measuring system and four loading stands.
Clamps for Honda, BMW and Mercedes vehicles are available as optional extras.
To assist the launch Autoliner is seeking a limited number of shops in major centres to purchase a V Mini Bench at a special price. So confident is Autoliner in the quality of the product that they are certain that word of mouth support will be their most valuable marketing tool.
For more information call Autoliner on Tel: (02) 9603 8009 or email [email protected]