Autolac Offers Free Sports Bag In DeBeer Air Dry Kit Promotion

Autolac is offering a free DeBeer sports bag with each DeBeer Air Dry kit (limited stock available).

The company says that in a busy paint shop environment every minute counts and every wasted second slows you down, which is why DeBeer introduced a fast-drying air dry clear coat. DeBeer 1-404 Air Dry Clear Coat is an affordable option enabling fast turnaround times, which increases profit.

1-404 Air Dry Clear Coat offers fast easy application, is dust-free in 10 minutes, and air-dry to nib and polish in 30 minutes. The product allows you to spray up to three panels in the same application and can be used in a bake environment without losing its gloss.


  • 4:1 mixing ratio
  • Medium hardener
  • Two full wet-on-wet coats with no flash in-between
  • Two coats achieve 46-56 μm
  • Excellent pot life – one hour at greater than 25°C

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