Auto Parts Group (APG)’s Crafty Christmas

Auto Parts Group (APG)’s Crafty Christmas

Auto Parts Group (APG), in conjunction with Brisbane craft brewer Brendale Brewing Company, has canned a bespoke branded version of Brendale’s Linkfield lager this Christmas to celebrate a year of hard work by their top customers.

APG’s version of the Linkfield lager is called The Rebate in homage to the traditional industry reward for valued customers.

According to APG, the corporate Christmas gift is something left to the last minute and chosen with budget consciousness at the forefront. This year, APG has gone “above and beyond” to provide their customers with a gift that is delicious, meaningful and “a bit tongue-in-cheek”.

APG National Marketing and Sales Manager Scott Glover said The Rebate is APG’s commitment to innovation and thinking outside the box, for something that is often a throw-away present at the end of the year.

“It’s been a tough year for everyone involved in the motor industry, and we wanted to elevate our corporate Christmas gift to our customers this year to thank them for their continued support,” said Glover.

Only APG’s top 200 customers will receive the beer. “The Rebate is a strictly limited batch, so there will be some people that miss out this year, including me,” said Glover.

APG says Brendale Brewing Company is part of the group of craft brewers that are ‘Certified Independent’ to ensure they produce craft volumes of beer, are not owned by one of the large multinational brewers or masquerading as a craft brewer.