Australian Collision Industry Alliance Launches Strategy Document

The Australian Collision Industry Alliance (ACIA) has released its first organisational strategy, showing the transparency and detailed planning its board has committed to its members.

“In order to set a clear intent for the organisation and how it will serve the industry and its members, we held a two-day strategy development workshop,” said Stuart Faid, a board member of the ACIA. “Here we identified a range of opportunities and crystallised the approach the board wants to take over the next few years.

“However, strategy can’t just reside in a static document as words and pictures – it has to be something that drives an organisation forward.

“We worked hard to make sure it’s a practical and sensible approach, recognising we are a young organisation with limited resources but we do have a huge amount of industry goodwill to draw on.

“With new board members now elected and the action groups going well, we are confident we can continue our step-by-step approach to the industry recruitment and retention issues.”

The alliance said the strategy, available on the ACIA website, is an example of its strong governance approach.

To learn more, join a working group or to become a member of the ACIA, visit or email [email protected].