Anest Iwata Launches Spray Gun LED Light

Anest Iwata Launches Spray Gun LED Light

Anest Iwata has released the 2SPRAY spray gun mountable light to illuminate poorly lit areas, including underneath truck and bus chassis and areas close to the ground where traditional booth lights do not reach.

Anest Iwata says that with a one-piece aluminium construction, the light weighs just 98 grams and is simple to fit to a spray gun using a one screw locking mechanism. The 2SPRAY will fit any spray gun with an air cap diameter of 32 to 48 millimetres, eliminating the need for multiple attachments.

According to the company, the unit features LED light chips with a 50,000-hour lifespan which are covered with optical grade, solvent-resistant lenses. With a colour temperature of 4500 Kelvin, the 2SPRAY replicates natural daylight and allows painters to better determine pattern overlap and the laydown of metallic and pearlescent finishes, as well as improving the application of clearcoats. The two LED lights – one on either side of the air cap – also allow easier and faster colour reproduction.

The 2SPRAY is powered by two CR2032 button batteries which are not supplied.

For further information, call 1300 2SPRAY (1300 277 729).