ANCAP Awards Gladiator 3-Star Safety Rating

ANCAP Awards Gladiator 3-Star Safety Rating

ANCAP has announced that the Jeep Gladiator has achieved a three-star safety rating following testing of its partner model, the Wrangler, last year.

ANCAP says the Gladiator shares the same core structural underpinnings, engine configuration and restraint package which provides similar structural crash performance to the previously tested Wrangler. The organisation said the five-seat dual cab Gladiator ute offers levels of protection for adult occupants and vulnerable road users below that expected by consumers, with scores of 60 per cent and 49 per cent in respective areas.

“The structural issues we saw with the originally tested Wrangler also apply to the Gladiator including A-pillar and cross-facia beam failure, footwell intrusion, high seatbelt loads and excessive pedal movement,” said Rhianne Robson, Director – Communications & Advocacy at ANCAP. “These remain an increased risk for occupants. Consumers have come to expect a high level of safety regardless of price-point and market segment.

“Safety should remain a priority in all vehicle purchases, and this is no different for a vehicle of this type, particularly at this price-point.”

As the Gladiator also retains the same collision avoidance equipment as the Wrangler, with the ability to detect and assist in avoiding a crash with another vehicle, it received a safety assist score of 51 per cent. However, the AEB system fitted to the Gladiator cannot detect or respond to potential crashes with pedestrians and cyclists, and active lane support functionality is also not a feature.

The 3-star ANCAP safety rating applies to all Jeep Gladiator variants supplied to the Australian and New Zealand markets.