ANCAP Appoints New Chair To Board Of Directors

ANCAP SAFETY, Australasia’s independent vehicle safety authority, has announced the appointment of Andy Cornish as its new Chair of its Board of Directors. Cornish has been an independent Director since 2017 and will now step into the role of Chair after Wendy Machin signalled her intention to retire from the board.

“Together with the ANCAP board, we thank Wendy for her demonstrable commitment to improving vehicle safety,” said Cornish. “During Wendy’s six years on the board, the organisation has strengthened with record high levels of market coverage, member engagement, consumer awareness and industry and community collaboration.

“Her chairmanship has seen the development and implementation of a strong strategic agenda highlighting the road safety challenges and subsequent areas of focus where vehicle safety can enhance the road safety outcome.”

Machin said that after her six-year tenure on the board, most as Chair, it was time to transition the board to new leadership.

“It has been a privilege to chair the board of ANCAP,” said Machin. “It is a small organisation with a big impact. Its work in testing and advocating for safer vehicles has had a direct positive impact on the Australian and New Zealand road toll.

“As a leader in the insurance and business sector, Andy brings a new perspective and a wealth of experience in risk and safety – essential considerations in the work that ANCAP does. I wish him and the ANCAP board well in their important work in the coming years and thank them for their support and commitment.”

Cornish says he looks forward to guiding the delivery of existing objectives, initiatives and projects, incorporating some new aspects, and to reinforce the importance of ANCAP’s independent consumer testing and advocacy voice.

“ANCAP plays a vital role in influencing and enhancing Australia and New Zealand’s automotive landscape, and while we are currently working through uncertain times for the industry and the economy, we are seeing significant advancements in vehicle technologies where we will see ANCAP’s role further develop to ensure we provide consumers with confidence in future mobility,” said Cornish.