ANCAP 5-Star Rating Finally Confirmed For Australian BYD Atto 3

ANCAP has declared a five-star safety rating for Australian-supplied BYD Atto 3 Standard Range and Extended Range models built from 21 November 2022.

Publication of the rating follows changes made to Australian-sold Atto 3 models built from 21 November 2022 in relation to what ANCAP says is the “number, placement, and use of child restraint anchorages”. This is understood to be a reference to what appeared to be the rectification of a violation of Australian Design Rules (ADRs) – a child seat top-tether point was not fitted for the centre seat, despite it having a seat belt and therefore requiring one to be fitted under ADRs. This is despite vehicle type approval being previously granted to the Atto 3, meaning the lack of top-tether point was missed by both BYD and the regulator.

It is also understood that an ISOFIX tether point was also fitted to the front passenger seat, which is not allowed under ADRs. Both of these points, however, were not explicitly confirmed by BYD, its importer, ANCAP, or the regulator.

Nonetheless, ANCAP is advising owners of Australian-supplied Atto 3 vehicles built before 21 November 2022 to have “the brand-initiated updates to the centre rear and front passenger seats completed by BYD as soon as possible so that their vehicle is eligible for the five-star ANCAP safety rating”.

Vehicles that have not had these updates applied will remain unrated by ANCAP.

“The extension of the five-star ANCAP safety rating to newly-built and updated vehicles supplied in Australia will be welcome news to new and existing Atto 3 owners,” said Carla Hoorweg, Chief Executive Officer of ANCAP. “This rating provides positive guidance to potential fleet buyers looking to increase the range of five-star electric vehicles on their purchasing lists.”