American Honda Gets Welding Training At Pro Spot

Pro Spot International recently hosted American Honda Motor’s Collision Market Department for hands-on spot welding and MIG welding training in Pro Spot’s state-of-the-art California training centre.

The visit not only included hands-on welding training and experience, but also gave everyone a chance to see Pro Spot’s USA manufacturing in action. From R&D to machining weld caps, powder coating, and assembly, the visitors were able to see how all of the bits and pieces are made and come together to create a Pro Spot product.

“Welding is such a large component of proper vehicle repair and a skill that you need to develop and maintain, this visit will give our team first-hand experience and knowledge as they manage their zones,” said Rossana Alvarez, American Honda’s Assistant National Manager for Collision Parts Marketing.

“This industry grows when we take the time to learn from each other,” said Ashley Olsson, Pro Spot’s Director of Communication. “Today, was another example of not only learning how to weld, but also a group of people working together to ask questions, seek answers, and brainstorm ideas to improve the industry from all of our perspectives.”

A manufacturer of repair equipment for the collision repair industry, Pro Spot International says it regularly hosts tours, meetings and training events at its Headquarters and Manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, California in the United States.