AMA Joins Plastfix Plastic Waste Programme

AMA Group has joined Plastfix’s ‘Waste Motive Initiative’ as a foundation partner. Plastfix says the Waste-Motive Initiative’s focus is bringing together like-minded companies, government and community groups to work together in achieving goals set by the initiative. AMA said it will play a key role in the core objective, which is better managing the industry’s automotive plastic waste.

“We have challenges disposing of plastic bars and other plastic components through an environmentally friendly supply chain that can operate at the scale we require to be an effective and consistent solution,” said Dave Calder, Chief Operating Officer at AMA. “This campaign is no different than getting rid of plastic bags in supermarkets or replacing plastic straws with paper straws.

“Instead, in our great industry, there are more plastics going to landfill and an increasing number of plastic components in the construction of vehicles. The industry must evolve in its ability to offset this impact to the environment, and we need the supply chain to keep pace.”

Calder said the Waste-Motive Initiative ensures plastics are shredded, waste is disposed of through registered specialist recyclers and a significant carbon footprint reduction is achieved.

A task force will be created that features an AMA representative and will include experts from the automotive, recycling, research and government industries.

“In most instances this plastic waste, consisting of bumpers and headlights, ends up stockpiled in backyards, wrecking yards, stocked on farmland [and] is buried, ultimately contaminating our planet,” said Mario Dimovski, CEO of Plastfix and creator of the Waste-Motive Initiative. “It’s a massive win for the initiative and the environment to have our industry leader, the AMA Group, become a foundation partner.

“We look forward to working with the AMA team as the relationship paves the way to tackle these environmental issues and working towards a cleaner industry and greener planet.”