AkzoNobel, McLaren Racing Extend F1 Partnership For 2021

AkzoNobel, McLaren Racing Extend F1 Partnership For 2021

McLaren Racing’s 2021 F1 car will again feature AkzoNobel high performance coatings, following an extension to the long-standing partnership which debuted in 2008.

AkzoNobel, McLaren Racing Extend F1 Partnership For 2021 - Patrick Bourguignon
Patrick Bourguignon.

As Official Paints and Coatings Partner in 2021, AkzoNobel is providing its Sikkens vehicle refinish products for all painted parts of the McLaren F1 MCL35M, as well as the team’s transport, garage and accessories.

In addition, the company’s Marine and Protective Coatings business is also supplying Intertherm 50 heat shielding from its International product range for critical components surrounding the engine and exhaust.

“We’re very proud to extend our successful partnership with McLaren Racing, which is driven by collaboration, innovation and the pursuit of high performance,” says Patrick Bourguignon, Director of AkzoNobel’s Automotive and Specialty Coatings business. “The McLaren F1 team’s spirit and dedication to success inspires us in our endeavour to continue delivering the best products and services to all our customers.”

“A partnership that has spanned over a decade, AkzoNobel’s passion to continue to explore and innovate aligns directly with our team,” said Mark Waller, Chief Commercial Officer at McLaren Racing. “We are delighted to continue our partnership and the development of outstanding innovation through AkzoNobel’s paints and coatings products to help further our race cars’ performance on track.”

AkzoNobel, McLaren Racing Extend F1 Partnership For 2021-Mark Waller
Mark Waller.

The McLaren F1 team is looking to build on its 2020 campaign when it finished third in the constructor standings. Meanwhile, a new driver line-up sees Daniel Ricciardo, who came fifth in the 2020 driver standings, join Lando Norris who finished ninth.

Scientists and technicians at McLaren Racing and AkzoNobel said they have been working together for well over a decade now, with the partnership extended in 2012 to include McLaren Automotive. As well as helping to accelerate innovation in coatings technology and colour development, the two companies said collaboration has also paved the way for future exploration of new opportunities.

“We’re all extremely enthusiastic to see our Sikkens and International coatings in action on the MCL35M this season and can’t wait for the scheduled return of F1 racing to the Netherlands in September,” said Bourguignon.

The first Grand Prix is due to take place in Bahrain on 28 March.