AkzoNobel Develops Radar-Hiding Automotive Film Technology

AkzoNobel Develops Radar-Hiding Automotive Film Technology

AkzoNobel says it has developed innovative film technology that allows automotive manufacturers to hide radar sensors behind decorative metallic parts.

According to AkzoNobel, the radar-transparent bright film means vehicle makers no longer have to hide sensors behind solid metal which could block the signals of safety features, such as anti-collision warnings. The company says it is an approved supplier of film products for this application and was recently specified as a global supplier of emblems by one of the world’s biggest car brands.

“Vehicle requirements are changing all the time and we’re very happy to have solved this difficult problem with an intelligent film coating that allows radar signals to pass through,” said Patrick Bourguignon, Director of AkzoNobel’s Automotive and Specialty Coatings business.

“It was a highly technical process, which involved close collaboration with customers to establish correlations between film properties and radar transmission,” he added. “On the surface, it provides an attractive, mirror-like finish. What you can’t see is the breakthrough technology we’ve developed, which allows better and more consistent transmission of signals that ultimately help people to drive more safely.”

AkzoNobel said the products supplied by its film business are mainly used by the automotive and aerospace industries, along with the signage industry. They include coated films for substrate protection and decoration, and markings/decals used for safety and decoration.

“Innovation not only drives our business, it also contributes to the success of our customers,” said Bourguignon, who added that other vehicle manufacturers are keen to include the bright film technology in their designs. “We’ll continue to channel our pioneering spirit into working together with our partners to develop advanced solutions and meet any challenges that the future may bring,” he said.