AIC’s AEB Testing Capability Boosts Aftermarket Development

AIC’s AEB Testing Capability Boosts Aftermarket Development

The Auto Innovation Centre (AIC) is offering an advanced emergency braking (AEB) testing capability as part of its suite of vehicle testing services for aftermarket product developers.

The new service will enable companies developing frontal protection systems such as bull bars, or producing GVM upgrade packages, to test these new products on AEB-equipped vehicles to ensure safety and compliance with vehicle standards.

“We’re proud of our work co-operating with vehicle standard regulators to answer key questions before they are asked so the aftermarket doesn’t face roadblocks,” said Lesley Yates, Director of Government Relations & Advocacy at the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA), which operates the AIC. “Confirming [that] vehicle modifications integrate with advanced driver assistance systems is important for aftermarket product developers, and [the] AEB testing capability will further boost their ability to quickly get products to market.”

AEB was one of the first advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) to be legislated in Australia through Australian Design Rule ADR98. The rule specifies the testing procedures and acceptance criteria for testing AEB on a vehicle at various speeds and test configurations.

At the heart of the AIC’s new AEB capability is a soft car target compliant to ISO 19206, meeting the specifications for ADR98. The physical target is combined with sophisticated GPS positioning equipment to provide accuracy to below 20 millimetres for collision data.

“Thanks to our new AEB testing equipment, we can test modifications on AEB-equipped vehicles in a safe environment to ensure their compliance with ADR98,” said Luke Truskinger, AIC Managing Director. “We’re proud to be leading the way for the aftermarket in supporting ADAS compliance. The AIC’s purpose is to break down development barriers by offering the aftermarket solutions as vehicle technology and regulations continue to change. Adding AEB testing to our ADAS testing capability ensures product manufacturers have the capability to integrate their products safely and in compliance with the law.”