Why should you invest?

Online Advertising

With largest computer screens comes more prominent ads to be featured on our website. It’s eye catching, it’s cheap and we can redirect your clientele to the website link of your choice.

Email Newsletter Blast

We offer banners in our newsletters and these are blasted to thousands of clients along with the latest industry news both locally and internationally.

Custom Email Newsletter Blast

We can send custom email newsletters with messages and images of your choice to the thousands of clients who are subscribed. You’ll see response within 24 hours of the newsletter sending.


We update our website regularly with videos both informative and comical relating to the industry.


PositionSizeOne MonthThree Months
Top Right (Largest)735px (W) by 163px (H)MIN 6 MONTHS$695 (p/month)
Top Left (Large)790px (W) by 125px (H)$495$395 (p/month)
Top Right (Small)380px (W) by 125px (H)$395$295 (p/month)
L Side (Vert)277px (W) by 580px (H)$595$495 (p/month)
R Side (Square)380px (W) by 360px (H)$595495 (p/month)
R Side (Long)892px (W) by 140px (H)$495$395 (p/month)
Bottom (Square)277px (W) by 230px (H)$295$210 (p/month)

Email Newsletter

PositionSizeOne TimeMonthly
Top Banner550px (W) by 90px (H)$280$850
Middle Banner550px (W) by 90px (H)$280$850
Bottom Banner550px (W) by 90px (H)$280$850
Bottom Right Banner170px (W) by 248px (H)$190$595

Adverts online have a maximum of three rotations totalling a maximum of 10 seconds.

Please note that 10 percent GST is not included in the above prices and should be therefore added.