ACIA Hosts Further Information Sessions Across Australia

The Australian Collision Industry Alliance (ACIA) has completed a series of information nights to brief industry stakeholders on the vision and purpose of the newly formed not-for-profit entity. The events were hosted in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth to audiences that included repairers, suppliers, associations, TAFE and other training organisations.

The ACIA is at the forefront of promoting apprenticeships in the collision industry, with the information nights being described as a testament to its dedication to creating a sustainable future for the industry by attracting and developing skilled young professionals.

“We are fortunate enough to have a group of people that are passionate about the future of the industry, and prepared to stand up and talk about the Australian Collision Industry Alliance and why it was formed,” said Rob Bartlett, founding Director of the ACIA. “With over 50 attendees at each event, the information sessions were a huge success in getting the message out.

“We are very grateful [for] the support we received from TAFE Ultimo (NSW), Kangan Institute in Melbourne, and Reneew Collision Repair Centre in Perth for hosting these events. All were welcoming venues for engaging discussion on the Australian Collision Industry Alliance and what it aims to achieve.”

According to the ACIA, an initial round of financial support from donors was used to establish the alliance, and further ongoing pledges of support have been received from a variety of suppliers, “demonstrating a collective commitment to creating a skilled and thriving collision repair workforce for the future”.

The alliance is inviting industry professionals and stakeholders who share its vision of fostering talent in the collision repair industry to become ACIA members. Email [email protected] to request more information, and click here to become a member or industry partner.