AAMI Names Australia’s Worst Crash Locations For 2022

AAMI has revealed its list of worst crash sites across Australia, with several new locations named the crash hot spot in their respective regions.

Topping Adelaide’s list this year is Prospect Road in Prospect, while Gympie Road in Chermside topped Brisbane’s ranks. Both locations are new to the AAMI Crash Index’s leader board, alongside Canberra, Darwin and Hobart which also featured new leaders.

Hobart’s Davey Street climbed seven spots to become the worst crash hot spot in Tasmania’s capital city, while the Hume Highway in Liverpool maintained the title of Sydney’s worst crash hot spot, alongside Melbourne’s Plenty Road in Bundoora and Perth’s Albany Highway in Cannington. All three locations have maintained their 2021 top-ranking spots.

While each state’s hot spots had unique nuances, challenges and factors contributing to the ranking, Anna Cartwright, Head of Motor Claims at AAMI, says there was a common thread.

“We see that a majority of the top hot spots identified are highways or busy major arterial roads that intersect with local streets through high traffic industrial, educational and shopping precincts, meaning they are consistently busy throughout the day,” said Cartwright. “Most risks on the road can be mitigated if people pay attention and drive to the conditions.”

AAMI’s data also identified that nose-to-tail collisions were the most common type of crash at almost all hot spots. The data also revealed that between 1pm and 4:30pm was the most common time for accidents, with almost one-third of accidents occurring during this timeframe.

Despite retaining its number one ranking, AAMI said the incidence of collisions at Plenty Road in Bundoora had steadily declined. After many years of collisions at the location, the Victorian Government implemented a speed reduction trial which led to a permanent change.

“We know that speed is undoubtedly a key factor and by sharing data insights with the Victorian Government, we’re thrilled that the trial has resulted in a permanent lowering of the speed limit from 80 km/h to 70 km/h. We hope the reduction in speed will continue to reduce crashes and finally knock Plenty Road, Bundoora off the top of our hot spot list,” the insurer said.

AAMI says it has released road accident and collision data for 28 years. The 2022 index analysed more than 350,000 motor insurance claims across Australia to compile the list of the top crash hot spots in each capital city.