AAAA Opens South Australian Auto Innovation Centre (AIC)

AAAA Opens South Australian Auto Innovation Centre (AIC)

The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has officially opened the South Australian branch of the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC) to the Australian automotive aftermarket industry.

Co-located with Brabham Automotive and Precision Buses at the Fusion Capital Holding facility in Edinburgh, the AAAA said the AIC will support the vast range of South Australian automotive product manufacturers’ research and development activities.

Speaking in front of more than 100 guests at the opening, Senator Rex Patrick of the Rex Patrick Team party spoke of the importance facilities like the AIC have in supporting the Australian automotive manufacturing and aftermarket sectors, contributing to the Australian economy.

Stuart Charity, CEO of the AAAA, said the AIC was the fruition of more than five years’ work by the association and was modelled on SEMA Garage in the USA.

“Thanks to Senator Rex Patrick and the federal government investment, we were able to bring this incredible asset to the aftermarket industry to reality,” said Charity. “Now both facilities are up and running it will increase the industry’s access to the technologies, services and training and development opportunities the AIC can offer for their direct benefit.”

According to the AAAA, the AIC’s goal is to transform the automotive aftermarket industry by increasing the capability of automotive companies and aid in new product development for local and export markets. With access to new production vehicles, the AIC will obtain vehicle data and use 3D scanning for companies to streamline new product development.

The AAAA said training and education are key components of the AIC’s role in supporting the automotive industry, with the centre offering a venue for automotive training on a range of technologies and new equipment. State-of-the-art robotic equipment will deliver premium vehicle testing services for product manufacturers: Sine-with-Dwell testing (ADR88) to validate Electronic Stability Control (ESC) performance, and brake performance testing (ADR31/35). The AIC will also provide product-level testing via static and dynamic loading, plus vibration validation.

“This is a fantastic new facility for the industry, so we welcome companies contacting us to discuss how the Auto Innovation Centre can directly assist their business,” said Luke Truskinger, AIC Managing Director.