AAAA Launches EV Training Programme

The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has unveiled an electric vehicle training programme to its members at the Auto Innovation Centre in Melbourne, after the centre was successful in securing a grant under the Victorian Government Zero Emission Vehicle Innovation Fund.

The grant facilitated the purchase of equipment such as two wall chargers and PPE tools needed to work safely on EVs, as well as two electric vehicles, a Polestar 2 and a privately imported Ford F-150 Lightning that will be converted to right-hand-drive next year.

The initiative is part of a broader EV strategy designed to support the industry on the path to electrification. Stuart Charity, CEO of the AAAA, said the programme has three key elements:

  • Ensure the AAAA has a “seat at the table” when state and federal governments develop EV policy
  • Provide market intelligence, education, and projections on EV adoption rates so that members can make informed decisions about EV developments
  • Combining engineering and technical expertise with the AIC to provide vehicles for product development, research, testing, and training.

The EVs are accessible through an expression-of-interest process. Activities can be performed at the centre, or the vehicles can be taken to workshops, though the F-150 cannot be driven on public roads while in left-hand-drive configuration.

Charity also said the AAAA is close to securing a training provider to deliver AIC-based courses at the centre. The courses, focusing on safely de-powering and re-initialising battery electric vehicles, will run at a heavily discounted price for Victoria-based technicians.

The F-150 Lightning and Polestar 2 will appear at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo from 11 to 13 April 2024 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre as part of a showcase of EV and hybrid components, diagnostic testing techniques, and hands-on training.