One Day Left To BodyShop News’ First Webinar: “ADAS: Recalibrating Body Shop Repairs”

One Day Left To BodyShop News First Webinar

As we’ve written previously, BodyShop News Australia will launch a series of webinars aimed at keeping the collision repair industry informed of the latest developments while allowing attendees to ask questions live during the events. BodyShop News publisher Michel Malik will moderate the sessions which will be panelled by experts in their field.

In the first webinar, “ADAS: Recalibrating Body Shop Repairs”, the expert panel will discuss the challenges of ADAS-related calibration, where to get information and how to implement the process. It takes place tomorrow, 26 August at 4pm AEST, so register now to be ready for the event.

Advanced driver-assistance systems – ADAS – are technological safety features that are designed to assist drivers in avoiding on-road collisions by alerting them to any potential hazards. They are capable of automating certain driving tasks in emergencies – automatic emergency braking can slow the car to avoid accidents or mitigate the damage in one – as well as regular situations such as highway driving, where adaptive cruise control enables the vehicle to drive itself to varying degrees of autonomy under driver supervision.

Today, most vehicles come with several standard ADAS features. In addition to the above, lane departure warning and lane keep assist, along with blind spot warning, use microcontrollers, sensors and cameras systems to survey the situation in front, to the side and to the rear of the vehicle, informing its decision-making process when engaging any of those ADAS features.

If the vehicle is ultimately involved in an accident and subsequently repaired, calibration is needed to ensure that the ADAS systems are correctly restored to their original factory condition.

The expert panel will discuss all facets of the process including the how, where and by whom. On the panel are:

  • Robert Snook – CEO of UK MSO MG Cannon and IBIS Conference Moderator
  • Andrew Marsh – co-owner and founder of vehicle repair methods provider Ezi-Methods
  • Adrian Parkes – owner and director of ADAS Solutions Australia

“ADAS: Recalibrating Body Shop Repairs” is sponsored by:

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