2023 Hyundai Palisade Achieves 5-Star ANCAP Rating

ANCAP has awarded a five-star safety rating to all petrol and diesel Hyundai Palisade models manufactured from May 2022 and available for purchase in Australia from August this year. Palisade models manufactured before this date hold a four-star rating.

Palisade models sold in Australia from late 2020 were not fitted with a centre airbag and offered a less sophisticated autonomous emergency braking system (AEB), with these two factors mainly leading to scores of 79 per cent for adult occupant protection and 63 per cent for safety assist. Respective threshold scores of 80 per cent and 70 per cent are required for five stars, causing the original Palisade to achieve a four-star rating.

ANCAP says updated Palisade models – specifically from the 2023 facelift – now show improved performance in adult occupant protection (84 per cent) and safety assist (83 per cent), elevating scores above the minimum thresholds required for five stars in all four key areas of assessment.

A centre airbag is fitted to updated models as standard, providing front seat occupants with an improved level of head protection in side impact crashes. The update also provides improved AEB performance across all car-to-car AEB test scenarios, including turn-across-path emergency braking functionality.

Improvements also include the fitting of a speed limit information system, where the vehicle can identify local speed limits and allow drivers to set their speed accordingly, and multi-collision braking which limits vehicle movement after an initial crash.

“It’s great to see Hyundai introduce these safety-related upgrades which now elevate the facelifted Palisade to five stars, and we encourage all vehicle brands to continually look for opportunities to improve the safety specification of models as part of their model facelifts,” said ANCAP Chief Executive Officer Carla Hoorweg.

“Consumers, fleets, and mobility service providers prioritise the purchase and use of five-star ANCAP-rated vehicles, and this upgrade now sees the Palisade become a purchasing contender for these buyers.”