2020 MSO Symposium Will Be Free To Attend Online

As part of an announcement outlining major changes to the 2020 MSO Symposium, organisers have stated that the entire symposium will be free to attend online.

The 2020 MSO Symposium will take place as a series of webinars running from 9 to 13 November at 12 PM USA PDT, with each of them scheduled to run for 90 to 120 minutes. All five days will be free to attend.

MSO Symposium organisers say they encourage all industry stakeholders to attend and experience a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the collision repair industry.

The event has issued a preview of the topics and leaders facilitating the week, and additional announcements will be made in the coming weeks which highlight the companies and individuals participating in each segment.

Monday, 9 November

Session One: Industry Statistics and Trends

  • Presented by Susanna Gotsch, CCC Information Services

Session Two: Industry Snapshot

  • Presented by Vincent Romans, The Romans Group

Tuesday, 10 November

Session One: OEM Panel Discussion

  • Moderated by Sean Carey, SCG Consulting

Session Two: Financial Insight Q&A Session with an Economist and Banker

  • Moderated by Marcy Tieger, Symphony Advisors LLC

Wednesday, 11 November

Session One: Mega Dealer Panel Discussion

  • Moderated by Mike Anderson, Collision Advice

Session Two: Regional MSO Panel Discussion

  • Moderated by Dan Risley, CCC Information Services

Thursday, 12 November

Session One: Insurance Panel Discussion

  • Moderated by Insurance Solutions Group, Stephen Applebaum

Session Two: Real Estate Panel Discussion

  • Moderated by Veritas Advisors, John Walcher

Friday, 13 November

Session One: 2 Private Equity Group presentations

Session Two: Alternative Business Models

  • Presented by Mike Anderson, Collision Advice

Registration to the event will be made available by the end of the week here. More details on the daily content are expected to be shared in the weeks leading up to the event.